Tem Noon introduces an Image / Narrative Journal


A notebook is a place for working things out. For being able to efficiently create an expression of ideas that are amorphous. Narrative is very helpful, but so is diagrams. So are checkerboard circles. So are quadrants and mind maps.

It is a journal, you will use it in a personal way. Print it yourself. A version that we can print for you and send you is in the works. Notebooks with general writing cues are in the works, as well as custom cues, which I would write for you after an interview and discussion about what you would like to accomplish with this notebook.

It was a few months ago I started writing in my notebook every morning before I would log into Facebook. A simple rule, and one which lead me to consistently write a journal entry every morning for 88 days now. It took me over a month and several failed prototypes before I found this design for my notebook. It gives me a nudge and a start drawing after I’ve put the sentences down. It helps me to process the words, in a visual context.


A Notebook to Exercise and Stimulate Both Sides of the Mind